or what do we do, or what you can do other than sunbathing

This part of my site is dedicated to describe what is happening beside sea and sun. Not so much dedicated to happenings in Orebic in general as to things going on in and around my house.

It's specaily ment for guests coming in off peak time, as then my family (specialy my father) has more time to dedicate to You.

Please note that these stuff is optional - during your time spent here we're first neighbour's to you - we may and may not hang together. We may just, as some people on the photos, became friends. But we may not - it's I guess, your choice, and ours - Maybe you want your apartment and your privacy, or we may not have time at the moment for smalltalk by being bussy with day-to-day life

Beside home made wine and brandy, you could taste some of the local specialties - for instance, "peka" which is authentic way of making food on hot ashes covered with metal bell, or my father famous "baked octopus".

Also, we may go to our country house in Kuna - Peljesac - my grandmother's place, and see first hand how was local life, hard, but stress-free. I'm considering about situating some apartment(s) at that place. Seem to be interesting idea, just I'm not sure would it be scarf to viring pure local atmosphere.
There you could see farm animals, look the local way of living, or taste some of our wine and brandy in old "konoba".

Specially, guests coming at end of September and begining of the October may join my familly (of course no need for serious work from you) at grape picking and wine making for a few hours - to see how it was done, and how it's done now.

Saying it shortly - there is much more to see and to do than enjoying beautiful sea and sun on Orebic beaches.

Octopus - Anto's (my father) way
Not as easy as drinking wine - grape picking
cheers - on the apartment terrace


Dajak apartments - Orebic, Peljesac, Croatia (c) 1999. - 2003.