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How to get on Peljesac?

Although it's situated in south Dalmatia, area of Dubrovnik on the far south of Croatia - except lack of highway, traffic connections of Peljesac are completely satisfying. Therefor, depending of plannesd route of your voyage, consider one of the following options:

Travel to Croatia by car - driving instructions to Peljesac?

Considering that you're probably arriving from north, you may decide to take different paths to Ploce (area of Neretva valley), where you can decide would you like to take a car ferry to Trpanj, or take the coastal path trough Neum (BiH) and Ston.

Certanly, the most comfortable way to drive from Zagreb to Ploce is to use recently completed and very good motorway A1 from Zagreb to Sestanovac (near Makarska), and then proceed by coastal Jadran tourist road trough Makarska to Ploce.

Alternatively, if you for some reason preffer local roads, you can take the following routes:
Zagreb - Karlovac - Plitvice - Gracac - Knin - Sinj - Split - Makarska - Ploce
or not so often:
Zagreb - Karlovac - Plitvice - Gracac - Knin - Sinj - Trilj - Cista Provo - Sestanovac - Dubci - Makarska - Ploce

Both routes are acceptable, but some guests from eastern European countries may find more acceptable path trough Bosnia and Hercegovina towards Neretva valley - (Opuzen, Ploce).

travel to Croatia - map of Orebic and Dubrovnik region
map of Peljesac and area of Dubrovnik - Croatia
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In town Ploce you may decide if you are tired enough or not in the mood to drive any more, and shorten your way by the sea route - taking the car ferry to Trpanj. Otherwise you may take coastal road trough Neum (BiH) to Ston and further on Peljesac.

You can also take one of following boat lines, in case that boat can take your car.

Travel to Croatia by boat?

Fast coastal line connects Rijeka, Split, Hvar, Korcula and Dubrovnik. Korcula is well connected with Orebic (Peljesac) with frequent car ferry and connected with Orebic and Viganj with passenger boat.

Travel to Croatia by plane?

The closest airports are in Dubrovnik and Split. Both cities are linked with both boat and bus lines to Peljesac.

Apartment - Orebic:
Dajak apartments - Orebic. Enjoy virgin pure Peljesac nature - while still having all advantages of urban way of living.

Apartment - Orebic:

Apartment in Orebic - Turic apartments
Turic Apartments - Orebic.
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Travel to Croatia - arrival to Peljesac