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Apartment - Orebic:

Apartment Etica - Orebic

Apartment Etica - Orebic
Nice position in quiet neighbourhood near center and not far from the sea. Just one 4+1 comfortable apartment with a sea view

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  Interesting historical facts / genesis
Orebic is found at the end of and begining of century, in the area of Republic of Dubrovnik (Ragusa).
Since it's begining, Orebic is turned to sea as the source of living. In the year 1586. seamen family "Orebici" refurbished fort within fortified settlement, named after them - Orebic.
Maritime tradition  

Since 17th century, boats from Peljesac constitued important part of Dubrovnik merchant navy.
Shipowner families became even mightier by organizing and investing in coowned sailing ships.

Their rise continues under the government of Austrian monarchy, especially in second half of 19th century. Cooperative society for "building (and exploatation) of long range navigation vessels", later "Maritime society of Peljesac" was found 1865, and 1875. they got equipment for naval yard in Orebic. Shipyard was formaly opened by czar Franz Joseph of Austrian monarchy. It was mostly used for repairing of ships, and during his existance (13 years) it built 3 long range navigation sailing ships.

Dajak apartments - Orebic. Enjoy virgin pure Peljesac nature - while still having all advantages of urban way of living.
Franciscan Monastery:
Great trip destination on St. Elliah hill above Orebic. Manastery, museum and observation point well worth of your time and effort needed to get there.