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St. Nicolas church
St. Nicolas church - as seen from St. Roko's church
This is another votive church in Trpanj. Sailor Kleme Cvitanovic built it in 1840. - above the front doors is written that st. Nicolas saved him from certain death on the sea
Madonna's of mercy chapel
This is the smallest church in Trpanj and that is the reason why natives call it chapel. It is just 213 cm long and 158 cm wide. In front of the chapel is beautiful view enclosed with colonnade.
Graveyard in Trpanj
New graveyard was built in 1902. by the ground-plan get from a competition in one Viennese newspaper. Gravestone on the grave of Tera Ferri is standing out. That is work of famous Croatian sculptor - Ivan Rendic, made in 1903.
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