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  Interesting historical facts
Continuity of life on the coasts and hills of Trpanj has begun in prehistoric time. You can find a proof for that in remains of prehistoric ceramics and characteristic walls (boundary-stones) on the slopes of hills Gradina and st. Roko in Trpanj
Trpanj - origin of the name
There is more than one theory about origin of the name Trpanj.
One theory says that name Trpanj originate from Croatian verb Ťtrpjetiť (means: to suffer).
Another theory says that name Trpanj originate from Greek word and means sickle, because lay out of the cliffs around harbour reminds on a sickle.
By the third theory name Trpanj originate from the name of ancient fortification named Tarpano or Tarponio - remains of that fortification can still be seen on the hill over the harbour.
Trpanj coat of arms
Trpanj - Coat of arms trough history
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